Scaffolding Insurance

Insurance plans that
work for you.

scaffolding insurance

Scaffolding Insurance

Insurance plans that
work for you.

Scaffolding insurance

Scaffolding is a high risk business, where your work is mostly on temporary structures erected too high from the ground. Whether you are a worker, contractor, or own a scaffolding business, onsite activities are beyond your control and are prone to uncertainties including falls, equipment damage, and accidents or injuries occurring to third parties. Hence, it is crucial for anyone involved in scaffolding business to have scaffolding insurance to reduce business risks.

Scaffolding Insurance is designed to cover

Why do you need to have scaffolding insurance:

The need for scaffolding insurance is directly connected to the level of risk this business holds. So whether you are a trader, contractor, or someone who is involved in the direct scaffolding business, a scaffolding public liability insurance can help you overcome the following business associated risks:
1. Risks accompanied with installation, use, maintenance, and during the dismantling process of scaffolders
2. In transit risks that include falls, slips, trips, and resultant damage/loss
3. Damage to onsite property, people, and also to that of others
4. Theft of scaffolding/support equipment

Benefit from a wide range of insurance plans

Insurance cover for a multi-line scaffolding with features customized to your business/individual needs. We are Australia’s most preferred and trusted insurance company with expert scaffold brokers making every process easy for you.

Key Scaffolding insurance services

1. Public Liability Insurance

The scaffolding business’s biggest threat is improper scaffolding that leads to serious injury/loss of life. The onsite activities are beyond your control, and claims may fall on you even before you can be at the site to get hold of the situation. Hence public liability insurance is seen as vital.


Scaffolding comes with a risk of property damage, a severe human injury or sometimes even a loss of life on the job. As the risks to scaffolding are higher so are the costs and financial consequences that you may have to incur, if your business is found to be at fault. The eventualities of such damages against your business and your repute can be covered by the public liability insurance. From accidental claim costs, professional negligence claim, to the legal expenses that you may have to incur during such a claim process are covered.

2. Income Protection

Income protection insurance is highly recommended for self-employed individuals. Unlike worker’s compensation where the employer compensates for the employee’s loss, if you work on your own or are employed on wages, income protection insurance helps you to financially sustain the period. Scaffolding is prone to high risk injuries and income protection insurance will ensure that you are provided for, and your income is safeguarded until you get back to work.

3. Tools, Equipment & Stock Insurance

This insurance provides a cover for theft, fire, damage, and loss of scaffolders equipment one that is used as part of the projects and another that covers the loss, theft, or damage to the ones stocked on a client’s site. An insurance cover will help you with the expenses of tool replacements. For larger scaffolding specific equipment used on the site, a specific plant cover insurance may be provided.

4. Hired-in Equipment Insurance

This insurance provides a cover against loss, theft, and damage of scaffolding equipment on the project site, for an array of equipment including mobile scaffolding towers or lift machines that had been rented as part of your project. Save on the expense of repair/loss/replacement of scaffolding equipment by getting them insured.

5. Contract Works Insurance

Contract works insurance provides for any claims done while the project is under tender or post completion period.

6. Professional Indemnity

Unlike public liability insurance, a professional indemnity is something that protects you and your company’s reputation. It provides a cover for any kind of error or breach of your professional duty.

How Much Is Covered Under The Coverage?

What Sort Of Claims Do Scaffolders Have?

How To Renew The Insurance?

Based on your insurance plan and the renewal tenure, premiums need to be paid. You would get a notification about the due date along with the insurance policy details. You can reach our team and they would be happy to help you with the renewal process and may also suggest any upgradation in the plan that may be of benefit to you.

Claim Process & What Are The Documents Required?

Whether you are a scaffolding company, a scaffolding contract worker, or a scaffolding employee, the documents and the claim process will be specific to your unique situation. Consult our insurance experts and have all your queries answered. As scaffolding Insurance brokers we work with some of the top insurance companies in Australia. This enables us to represent you and bring the best appropriate insurance policy for your scaffolding business and your situation.

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Find excellent professional services provided by experts who have complete knowledge of your business, and give cost-effective solutions.

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A high risk sector, the scaffolding business is prone to accidents, falls, slips, and severe injuries. Apart from these, scaffolding companies are often made to face the brunt of a situation even if they are not at fault. A worker not following guidelines, or onsite negligence can put your business responsible for any property damage/injury or loss of life. Scaffolding insurance can save you money for legal expenses, protect your reputation and safeguard you from all such claims from third parties. Having scaffolding insurance will ensure that you carry your business uninterrupted by keeping you well prepared for any unforeseen uncertainties.

iLink insurance provides a wide range of insurance for scaffolders and scaffolding businesses. Some of the key insurance services include:

  1. Public liability insurance
  2. Contract works insurance
  3. Income protection insurance
  4. Tools, equipment, and stock insurance
  5. Professional indemnity insurance

Based on your requirements, whether you are a scaffolding company, a contractor, an employee, or a wage worker, our scaffold insurance brokers will guide you through the insurance options available and get the one that best fits your scenario.

  1. Scaffolding installer or manufacturer – If the accident or injury is caused due to a faulty scaffolding, then the installer or the manufacturer is made liable
  2. Property owners – Property owners sometimes are not aware of the level of danger, if they are directing the construction work, then whatever arrangements are provided by the property owner for elevation and safe scaffolding lies on them. In such a case property owners are liable for their negligence and any mishap that occurs
  3. Employees from other companies
    Construction work often has multiple contractors and their workers working on the site. This also leaves scope for employees or workers from other companies liable for the damage/injury caused
  4. Contractor, sub-contractor, or construction manager – They all hold a supervisory role and are responsible to provide a safe working environment as well as pre-warn the precariousness of scaffolding work. Hence they are also liable for any accidents/property damage/injuries taking place on the site.
Professional indemnity insurance specifically covers protecting businesses from getting sued for business associated errors and professional negligence. Any such compensation claims can be handled with professional indemnity insurance. Scaffolding companies with their high risk factor are more vulnerable to legal sues and claims, whereas professional indemnity insurance can come to your benefit.
Every business situation is unique and so are the set of requirements you would have. Our insurance experts can provide you with a free quote and then find you the best suitable scaffolding insurance, providing you with broad coverage and easy payment options.