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ILINK INSURANCE offers a wide range of General Insurance products and Risk Management solutions to SME clients. We provide tailored products with broad policy coverage at competitive price, and excellent professional service including in house claims services – WE MANAGE ALL CLAIMS.

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Asbestos Public Liability Insurance Structured To Fit Your Needs and Budget.

Asbestos occupational exposure is majorly seen in workers from the field of construction, shipyard and industrial factories. The remnants of asbestos products from construction, insulation and automotive parts can be prone to high risk and long term health hazards even for the once who might indirectly get exposed to.

Public liability:

Asbestos public liability insurance is seen as an essential to safeguard you and your business from any claims for health risks and injuries caused because of the business. Pertaining to the organizational health and environment safety, an asbestos public liability insurance is seen as a mandate for business that are prone to, and are at a high risk towards different kinds of exposure.

Asbestos removal:

Asbestos removal is sometimes a standalone insurance that helps to cover injury and property damage claims specifically due to the activity of removal of asbestos.

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