Restaurant Insurance

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Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant insurance has a combination of policies that provides to protect property, staff, and reputation from risks that are likely to be encountered by restaurants. Ilink insurance helps to look into your business, to suggest which policies are critical to have and the ones you can avoid. Ultimately it is important that you pay only for what is crucial and required by your restaurant business.

Who needs restaurant insurance?

Restaurant owners, and food business operators whether dine-in or takeaway businesses are recommended to have restaurant insurance. Depending on the nature of the food business, size, location, and turnover, you can seek help from our insurance experts to get you the most suitable restaurant insurance policy.

When to take the insurance?

Wet floors, broken glass, or faults found in food served, are some aspects that are common and real in the hospitality business. For the customer, it is a place to have food, but for the restaurateurs, it is a daily business to handle food, logistics, food quality, staff, and customer service. Given a such scenario, the restaurant business is vulnerable to risks, and so it is highly recommended to take an insurance policy that can safeguard you and provide for costs when unforeseen accidents and claims occur.

Benefits of having the insurance

The restaurant business is high on investment business when it comes to property, equipment, and also comes with risks as you deal with a number of customers on an everyday basis. Hence, having well-designed restaurant insurance can help you cover and cater to sudden costs for property damage, repair and replacement of equipment, customer/third party claims any such insured events.

Review, upgrade, and renewals of policies every year, help you determine the risks, estimate assets and accordingly decide on the right level of coverage.

What is covered under the insurance?

1. Public & product liability

Public liability insurance provides you a cover for a list of accidents from slips and falls to food poisoning and the claims done by a customer, supplier, or anyone else who has suffered an injury/ illness or loss due to such an occurrence. Public liability insurance not only provides cover for the compensations to be paid to the affected individual but also helps you to handle the legal and defense costs for claims for an insured event.

2. Property insurance

Restaurant insurance for property provides a protective cover to your restaurant space whether owned/rented or taken for lease against fire, theft, or any damage. In comparison to the premiums paid, you end up saving on a lot of expenses for an insured event.

3. Liquor liability insurance

Liquor liability insurance can be an add-on insurance saver, as it helps to cover any kind of damage to your property, or injuries and claims done by intoxicated customers.

4. Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance is a policy that helps to claim for the loss due to interruptions in the restaurant business caused by natural calamities and unforeseen events that are beyond your control. It helps to cover the costs for food spoilage and provides to cover expenses such as wages or leasing costs for an insured event.

5. Equipment breakdown insurance

A sudden equipment breakdown like that of cold storage can mean so much for a restaurant that relies on frozen foods. Equipment breakdown insurance provides a cover for the repair, loss, or replacement of damaged equipment. Although a common type of insurance, it is crucial for you to know the list of items that are eligible for a cover while taking one for your business. As an add-on to this, you can also get a cover for stock loss/food spoilage or deterioration depending on the size of your business activity.

6 Worker’s compensation insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance is mandatory across Australia for all kinds of restaurant businesses. It provides for all the costs, where any of your staff falls sick or gets injured while at work.

7. Theft insurance cover

Theft or attempted theft of the contents and stock of your restaurant, and employee dishonesty involving in fraudulent are aspects covered under the theft insurance cover.

8. Cyber liability

Customer’s personal and payment data can be prone to hacks through compromised Wi-Fi networks. A cyber threat and data breach can become expensive damage to your business and the repute. Cyber liability insurance can provide help cover costs related to data breaches and also protect you from customer sue.

9. Automobile liability insurance

In cases where your restaurant has its own chain of delivery service, you may need to have automobile liability insurance in place. This automobile insurance will help cover drivers for damages, medical expenses, and accidental claims. It is not applicable for restaurants that have a third-party outsourced for your food delivery services.

How to renew restaurant insurance?

From friendly notifications on premium payments and due dates to suggestions on policy upgrades/changes with every renewal cycle, ilink insurance can help you to carefully review your restaurant insurance, and coverage levels, and professionally advise the best step forward.

What is the claim process and what are the documents required?

Ilink insurance has been one of the most trusted insurance companies for its customer service and continued support. When it comes to claiming process and getting the required documents ready, it is important for any business to have an expert look into the nitty-gritty of the matter. We are a team of expert insurance specialists, who have worked with a number of restaurant businesses across Australia, helping them with their policies and claims.

Helping you through the claim process for an insurance policy that you have taken through us.

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Specific, comprehensive, fast turnaround and instant cover

Find excellent professional services provided by experts who have

complete knowledge of your business, and give cost-effective solutions.

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We have worked and supported an extensive portfolio of small and medium business clients across Australia falling under the different hotel and hospitality businesses.

Unique & up-to-date

Unique & up-to-date

We bring you tailored insurance plans that are up-to-date, benefitting your restaurant business for its value and specific risks associated

Expert to help

Expert to help

Experts in the field of hospitality business, our insurance brokers are here to support you every step of the way

Best of premiums

Best of premiums

Access 100+ APRA authorized insurers and benefit from competitive plans, broad coverage, and suitable premiums

Pay for what’s needed

Pay for what’s needed

Access to tailored insurance policies ensures to avoid expensive of overlaps and rightly caters to your business associated risks and needs

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ILINK INSURANCE offers a wide range of General Insurance products and Risk Management solutions to SME clients. We provide you with insurance solutions that are value-for-money, with unsurpassed support from insurance experts. We provide end-to-end insurance solutions based on the risk exposure to you and your business, for you to successfully achieve your business goals.

Obtain a quick quote

Obtain a quick quote

Connect with an insurance expert, share your concerns and requirement, and get an initial quote
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Detailed consultation

We take time to understand your business and the associated risk factors, to then come up with a best suitable insurance
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Submit documents

Mail us a copy of all the pre-required documents. At Ilink insurance, we keep your paperwork minimal and easy
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You are covered!

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The level of insurance coverage can largely vary from one business entity to the other. Your restaurant business size, nature of activities, and likely associated risks are a few that are considered while designing a restaurant insurance policy. Please get in touch with an insurance broker as they come with a deep understanding of every aspect connected to policies, premiums, and claims.

For example, if you have rented or leased out a property for your restaurant business, there might be a minimum amount of glass cover and public liability insurance that your property owner may specify.

The cost of restaurant insurance can vary notably from one business entity to another. While one may spend approximately $110 per month and another may spend significantly more, depending on factors that include the below:

  • The size of your business
  • Number of staff employed
  • The type of restaurant business
  • Location of your business
  • The type of coverage you look for
  • The level of cover
  • Your claims history

Typically restaurant insurance will include the following types in consideration of your business size, turnover, and business needs.

  1. Public liability
  2. Product liability
  3. Property insurance
  4. Equipment breakdown insurance
  5. Fire, theft, and other perils
  6. Worker’s compensation
  7. Business interruption insurance

Insurance claims are generally claimed against a loss/ damage and tend to be seen as an ordinary income. However, there are a lot of aspects that determine whether the said claim falls under taxable income or not. How an insurance payout is treated depends on what the payout is for, how the insurance is used, the amount of payout, the kind of property (owned/rented), and its value.


Claims and their accounting mandates can be tricky with several factors in consideration. You may speak to our insurance expert to rightly understand your situation and guide to through the process.