Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

Single Transit cover is for ‘one off’ consignments of goods within Australia. This policy is issued for a single journey.

Goods in Transit Insurance

This is an annual policy where premiums are based on the estimated value of the goods in transit per year.

This is the most convenient method to cover inland transits or exports to FOB point.

Carriers Insurance

Carriers Cargo Liability Insurance

This cover is designed to protect the carrier who operates using approved consignment notes or other contracts of carriage against their liability, in terms of these contracts, for loss or damage to their customer’s goods.

The premium is calculated based on estimated gross freight earnings and the premium will be adjusted annually.

This policy offers two levels of cover:

Goods In Transit (Carriers) Insurance:

The cover is provided to the carrier with the ability to have commercial settlements made to their customers for loss or damage to their goods.

This policy offers two levels of cover:

Marine Cargo Insurance

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