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Truck Insurance (Transport Operators)

Driving a truck is actually much harder than it looks. And the brave drivers that dedicate their lives to transporting goods throughout the country are at a constant risk from nature, careless drivers and malfunctioning equipment. We sincerely hope nothing goes wrong on the next trip. However, our job is to protect your assets in the event of something totally unforeseen. Truck insurance ensures that truck drivers can drive long hours knowing that their asset is well protected by us. We have you covered in the face of small and large unfortunate events.

Truck Insurance is provided for:

Rigid Trucks
Prime Movers
Refrigerated Goods Carriers
Bulk Hazardous Goods Carriers
Goods Carrying Vehicles
Mobile plants, including Mobile cranes

Truck & Trailer Insurance for:

  • Transport Operators
  • Trade People & Builders
  • Long Haul & Short Haul
  • Prime movers
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Owned trailers & non-owned trailers (in control)
  • Commercial Vehicles fleet
  • Garbage trucks
  • Skip bin trucks
  • Concrete agitators & Hotmix / Bitumen carriers
  • Tipper trucks
  • Mobile Crane trucks
  • Livestock carrier
  • Petrol tankers

Furthermore, we offer the following packages:

Trailer in Control Insurance: This cover protects you against any loss of or damage to your vehicles, as well as compensation for third party vehicles and property.
Marine Cargo Insurance: This insurance provides cover for those goods that are in transit. Marine insurance helps to protect the value of goods in transit via sea.
Third Party Liability Insurance: This cover protects the third parties involved in incidents and your day to day business activities.
Public Liability Insurance: The public liability insurance protects your customers and other third parties against personal injury or damage to property due to any unfortunate incident or negligence on the part of the operator.

Why Choose iLink Insurance as your go to Truck Insurance Broker?

We provide tailor made truck insurance quotes for each of our clients. Every business is subject to different kinds of liabilities and we take into account every detail of the business to provide an ‘end to end’ solution.
As reliable brokers, our first goal is to arrange the best insurance deal for you based on your requirements. After the best deal has been agreed upon, the ideal insurance provider is then contemplated for cheap truck insurance that fits your budget while guaranteeing sufficient protection.
Our team comprises of young and proactive members that are up to date with every new insurance product. This means that you have an edge over your competitors when it comes to having your fleet covered.

To find out more on getting your truck insurance quote online, and to explore the best suited insurance package for your business, call us on 1300 170 328 or drop us a message at

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