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    Fleet & Truck Insurance Quote

    Truck Insurance Quotes Online

    A business owner or an entrepreneur, whether it is about a single commercial truck or a fleet of trucks – truck insurance is always an advantage, without putting your business at risk. Nothing works better for your trucks and drivers more than a tailor-made commercial truck insurance. iLink Insurance is a leading provider of transport insurance in Australia.

    Need of Commercial Truck Insurance

    You might be having certified and trained commercial truck drivers who make perfect deliveries, but no two transport businesses are alike. Driving a tractor trailer is completely different from delivering a cross-country freight. These commercial trucks have specific risks associated with them, which influence the type and amount of insurance coverage required.

    Average cost of truck accident is more than the insurance premium
    Thousands of severe truck accidents are reported each year
    Most of the truck accidents suffer property damage
    Few of the truck accidents result in serious injuries to drivers/people

    Commercial Truck Insurance and Vehicles

    Commercial truck insurance is available for a wide range of small, medium and big transport vehicles, irrespective of the goods they carry or transport. You can request an easy truck insurance quote online from iLink Insurance, if your transport business owns the following categories of commercial trucks.

    Bulk hazardous goods carriers
    Dump trucks
    Refrigerated goods carriers
    Car haulers and auto trailers
    Two trucks
    Mobile plants and cranes
    Flatbed trucks
    Box and Tank trucks

    Our Truck Insurance Services

    All our clients can structure and select commercial truck insurance, according to their specific needs. Considering the risks in the transport business, iLink Insurance offers wide range of insurance coverage as an established commercial truck insurance broker.

    Truck and Transport Insurance
    Commercial/Non Fleet Insurance
    Commercial Fleet Insurance
    Public and Products Liability
    Accident Assist
    Downtime/Business Interruption
    Carriers Transit Insurance
    Transport Package, specific to your business needs

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